Voevoda vegan. Voevoda full movie. Voevoda russia. Voevoda vs larratt. Voevoda vs todd. Voevoda youtube. Voevoda. Voevoda 15. Voevoda arm wrestling. Voevoda filma. Voevoda vs cyplenkov. Voevoda download. Voevoda vs bagent. Voevoda movie. Voevoda instagram. Guys, I created an IMDb account just to review this movie ! I am not sure who are the people calling this movie " Excellent" but this is so unrealistic, that I am having a hard time calling it even decent! In short : dragging, awfully boring, chopped /fragmented story line like an old vinyl that skips through time. Poor acting. Poor directing. It is way too zoomed in, that it is even painful to the eye, especially after 2,5 hours! Barely any dialog and whenever - straight up stupid and shallow. Some moments leave you asking yourself " what is really happening right now" It is sad that even the characters in the movie do not age proportionally along the storyline. It is insulting to the audience, watching some characters aging overtime and the rest - looking exactly the same like 20 years ago. The camera is zoomed in, the whole time so while looking at some actor's black heads and skin pores, one cannot understand or see what's going on around. Action " scenes, if those could be called that way at all, are a painful mixture of shaky, zoomed in images, often blurred, accompanied by weird sounds. I will not remember anything of this movie at all, just the price of the eye lubricant I had to buy so I get rid of the eye ache this " shake-ie" gave me! The other two negative reviews are unfortunately true and real and depict what's all this about. I am really sorry to say, but I would not recommend this movie to anyone I like.

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Voevoda training. Voevoda trailer. Voevoda film. Voevoda bresnan. 7:35 , , . , - ( ) . Voevodat. Voevoda bg film. Reading the reviews, I feel ashamed of the people who voted with 1. Believe me, no other person could vote like this for a Bulgarian movie, but a Bulgarian. I am sure these people will give 4 or 5 or even 10 to shitty movies like xXx or Avengers. So pity! Voevoda is a great movie, following real events. And yes, the truth could be unpleasant, especially when you are a Bulgarian citizen, but not a real Bulgarian. This movie is a reverence to all the brave women, who were fighting for Bulgarian liberation. If you noticed the script at the end - most of them were rebellion leaders, not just order-takers. Not surprised all bad comments are written by men. I feel really sorry for those who didn't get the idea and for those who got it but sexism made them write those comments. It is a movie every real Bulgarian must see. And yes, you will cry at the end. But only at the end, because during the movie you could not, you will stay stunned. There is a plot and there is a story line which is very easily followed. It is so realistic, breathtaking and heartbreaking, so nobody cares about insignificant camera issues or the exact speech percentage. And yes, the story represents the real truth. Nikolay Haytov was an author famous with making huge researches of people, places and stories before writing.

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