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1:03 XD IM DYING. These Snabba Cash movies are pretty good actually, me likeey :D. 1:26 no you're the only cute. Anna doesn't take any bullshit. Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire. Anna: Then DON'T run into fire. Can't wait for MI7-MI8 and Edge of Tomorrow 2 too. Homer: brain oo doughnut braiiin oo doughnut.

This trailer had so much testosterone in it my sperm count went up

They should do a prequell about the parents (love)story it could also be disneys first main Disney PRINCE, instead of following all the princesses points of view. Remember as a kid trying to land on that damn aircraft carrier on the nes game lol. They lasted a long time in a zombie wasteland because they have two horsemen in their group. Im bringing my sectional and headset tot the theater. Snabbaste 2:39 i hela mitt liv. I want to look like jesse eisenberg when im 36, that man never ages. Fiasko. مسلسل ما ورى شمس. My dad turned into a 10 year old boy after he heard this was coming out. Stör mig nå otroligt på att ett par tunga scener och punchlines från trailern INTE är med i filmen. skräll.

No one: Literally no one: Us after watching the movie: AH HA HAAAAA. Yea Im an adult now. Is that gonna stop me from going to see this movie alone in the theaters bc my boyfriend is “too grown to see frozen 2”? No.